Hey guys. My name is Michael. As you may have guessed, I'm an accountant by trade. I have always enjoyed numbers ever since I was a kid. Fantasy sports is actually more interesting to me than keeping a ledger, but maintaining the books pays the bills.

I have been playing fantasy sports for more than 20 years. I love it - the comraderie, the excitement, and the game itself. From drafts through championships, fantasy sports really does make the actual sport much more entertaining to watch.

"Typical" is probably not the word I'd use to describe me. I play in a few baseball and basketball leagues each year, but typically more than a dozen fantasy football leagues. I play for money in some while others are more friendly and social.

That being said, I have also used a number of fantasy sports websites to help me play each year. Whether it's the draft tools, lineup advice, or DFS suggestions, I've used almost all of the major sites out there. A friend of mine had asked me for my opinion on a particular site and I was very honest about my thoughts. He suggested that I share that with others, and it dawned on me that I've spent a ton of money on these sites so why not share my opinions of them? Maybe others will find it interesting.

None of these sites are paying me for my reviews.

There are no banner ads.

Only sites that I have personally used will be reviewed.

I'm just a customer sharing my experience with whatever poor soul happens to stumble upon this site.

If you found your way here, hopefully you find it interesting. If there's a site that you think I should review, drop me a line and let me know!